Waffle Cone
Vital information
Album(s) "Give My Love a Banana Smoothie" by Looney Lion
Released April 19, 2007
Recorded July-August 2004 (The Kitty Concert)
September 5, 2006 (Lion version)
Lyricist Looney Lion
Length 3:00
KC# 235
Status Kitty Concert demo circulating
Looney version officially released
The Kitty Concert song chronology
Previous Next
234. "Junebug" 236. "Blanketed by You"

Waffle Cone is a song written by Looney Lion for The Kitty Concert and is one of their Lovely Miss Merritt Demos. An official version was released solely by Lion for his 2007 album "Give My Love a Banana Smoothie", but a Kitty Concert demo from 2004 also circulates online. 



The Kitty Concert demoEdit

Looney Lion version Edit

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