Velvet is a song by The Kitty Concert written by Bush Longtail , track #6 on their 2004 debut album, Lovely Miss Merritt. The song was originally written as a jingle for their friend Velvet Peskimetrian's veterinary clinic.

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"Velvet" was written by Bush Longtail as a jingle for his friend Velvet's veterinary clinic, but the band enjoyed it so much that they decided to put it on their debut album. It is in a doo-wop style with slight skiffle and barbershop quartet influences and even though Kitty Concert sings it on the album, demos prove that Longtail was originally intended to sing the song; why he did not, however, is unknown. The song is an oddball in comparison to rest of the songs on the album in that it features a washboard played by Pawprint Elec, a jug played by Little-Kitty Furball, and a kazoo played by Ai-Ai Paulden. Dee Macko plays the double bass rather than electric bass, Zak Zimmer plays acoustic guitar, and Looney Lion plays the snare drum rather than a full drum set. Since Longtail often sings lead live, he allows Paulden to do the piano parts while he does the kazoo solo. In the studio recording, Longtail, Elec, and Paulden sing backup in barbershop quartet style. Velvet is widely regarded as a fan-favorite despite being slightly unfitting to the album.

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