"Unprotected Sex"
Vital information
Album(s) - What a Shame (2005)
- Acoustified (2010)
Released November 20, 2005
August 14, 2010
Recorded June 10-15, 2005
Lyricist Pawprint Elec
Length 3:19
KC# 323
Status Officially released
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"Be That as It May"
"I've Fallen"

Unprotected Sex is the tenth track on 2005's "What a Shame", The Kitty Concert's second album, written and sung by Pawprint Elec. It was written on March 14, 2005, after the March 2nd death of the band's friend and producer, Mark Tilbert, due to complications of HIV. Unprotected Sex and Dew are the only tracks on the album where Kitty Concert does not sing lead, the latter being sung by Ai-Ai Paulden




With the line "He traded his life away for one good fuck", Unprotected Sex is one of only two officially released songs by the Kitty Concert to use the word "fuck", the other being their cover of "We Can Be Together" by Jefferson Airplane, which was released as the B-side to the "Through the Years" single, which sings "In order to survive, we steal, cheat, lie, forge, fuck, hide, and deal" and "Up against the wall, motherfucker".

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