4068 Water Balloons- 633

Banana Smoothie- 587

Katerina- 569

Whoa- 555

When the Band Plays- 534

Nickson Road- 512

You Just Gotta Swim- 501

Pretty Please (Be My Valentine)- 486

Just Great- 465

Jeez- 443

You're Still Here (And It's Got Me Going Mad)- 421

Unprotected Sex- 415

If- 391

Cathouse- 368

Velvet- 339

Blanketed by You- 271

At the Wharf- 260

What the Hell's an Elvis Impersonator?- 249

Airport- 203

Dee and Zak's Excellent Adventure- 154

But What About- 151

The Lion Boogie- 62

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