"Surf the Night Away"
Vital information
Album(s) None
Released N/A,
Recorded April 29, 2005
May 3-4, 2005
Lyricist Kitty Concert
Length 2:31
KC# 329
Status Demo circulating
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"Write a Song About Me"
Surf the Night Away is a What a Shame demo written in April 2005 by Kitty Concert. Shortly after the death of their good friend, Mark Tilbert, who died from HIV, nearly a dozen of The Kitty Concert's songs were written about heartbreak and sadness, so Kitty wrote a goofy surf rock song inspired by The Beach Boys to cheer them up. A demo is in circulation online, and despite that Concert never intended for the song to be taken seriously, many fans list the song as one of their favorite demos.


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