Vital information
Album(s) What a Shame (2005)
Acoustified (2010)
Released November 20, 2005
Recorded April 21-23, 2005
Lyricist Kitty Concert
Length 2:58
KC# 319
Status Officially released
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Suppertime (originally titled "It's Suppertime") is the eleventh and penultimate track from the Kitty Concert's second album, What a ShameAn acoustic version was featured on Acoustified

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"Suppertime" is a fan-favorite from the Kitty Concert's catalog. Since it flows into "I've Found Your Trail", the song that frequently ends the Kitty Concert's shows, "Suppertime" has been played live over 400 times-- it is the band's 12th most-played song, and their 3rd most-played song that was never released as a single, after "Whoa" and "Jeez". Along with "You Just Gotta Swim", "Blanketed by You" and "Wonderful Morning", it is one of the few uplifting songs on an album filled with grief in "Unprotected Sex", regret in "Dew", and libido in "On Tenterhooks" and "I've Found Your Trail". 

When Kitty Concert wrote Suppertime, he had just a month or two ago gotten back together with Katerina Concert after almost two years of separation. Despite just having gotten back together, Concert was already picturing them in a happy, cliche breadwinner-and-housewife lifestyle, though somewhat kiddingly. "Katerina isn't too much of a housewife type, and I'd never want her to be somebody or something she doesn't want to be," Concert said of the song in 2011. "It was just fun to picture us in that type of setting." A similar milieu is featured in the Percolate the Ocean track, "Apple Strudels". Concert also said of the song in 2007, "'Supper' is a dying word. Most people nowadays just use 'dinner' or 'dinnertime' and 'suppertime' has become really outdated. The word 'supper' reminds me of my grandparents and my early childhood. Katerina and I only use the word 'supper', never 'dinner'." 

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