She's Put It Behind Her
Vital information
Album(s) "Give My Love a Banana Smoothie" by Looney Lion (2007)
Released April 19, 2007 (Lion version)
November 2, 2008 (Kitty Concert version)
Recorded October 6, 2004 (demo)
October 26, 2006 (Lion version)
July 24, 2008 (official Kitty Concert version)
Lyricist Looney Lion
Length 3:08
KC# 257
Status Officially released
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It's in the Pantry

She's Put It Behind Her is a song written by Looney Lion for The Kitty Concert in 2004, one of the What a Shame demos. It is a sequel to Lion's most famous Kitty Concert song, "Banana Smoothie", and was inspired by Buddy Holly writing a sequel to "Peggy Sue" called "Peggy Sue Got Married". The song describes the girl who gave the narrator a banana smoothie leaving the shop and the narrator being unable to locate her. It is featured on the 4068 Water Balloons single and Lion's solo album, Give My Love a Banana Smoothie. It was also released on the 2008 album, Granted as a bonus track along with Pretty Peach Pie



The Kitty Concert version

Looney Lion versionEdit

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