Pretty Please (Be My Valentine) is one of the singles from the album Granted by The Kitty Concert, written by Kitty Concert and sung by Concert and Little-Kitty Furball.

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Pretty Please (Be My Valentine) was written by Kitty Concert for his fledgling band in early February, 2002. Concert had recently suffered from a scathing breakup with his now-wife Katerina, and he wanted nothing more than to get her back for Valentine's Day. Pretty Please was featured on the Silly Songs Demo submitted to Plates Records in 2002, but Concert did not allow it to be featured on the 4068 Water Balloons Gently Adrift EP, as he thought the lyrics were too stupid and wouldn't be taken seriously. This didn't stop the band from performing a few times around Valentine's Day in following years, similarly to Merrily during Christmastime.

Pretty Please (Be My Valentine) was one of three songs often performed live that finally made it onto the Granted record, along with 4068 Water Balloons and Katerina. Furball plays the tambourine throughout in this version, which makes the song sound more upbeat in opposition to the drearier demo on Silly Songs, and Paulden and Longtail both make instrumental changes, with Paulden playing the keyboard rather than the keyboard bass and Longtail playing the piano. Elec contributes nearly nothing to the song besides a recorder in the instrumental bridge and a kazoo at the end, so he often sings backup at live shows. Pretty Please did the third best of all of the Granted singles, behind Katerina and 4068 Water Balloons and above Pick Up Your Telephone and Granted, and peaked at #27 on the African Billboard Hot 100 charts.


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