Nickson Road is the first track on the 4068 Water Balloons Gently Adrift EP, and is written and sung by Bush Longtail.

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One of The Kitty Concert's many songs about fear and disinterest in growing up, Bush Longtail named the song after the street he grew up on, Nickson Road. He originally wrote it in early January 2002 on acoustic guitar and even transformed it into a piano ballad before the band changed it to the rock song found on 4068 Water Balloons Gently Adrift. It was written on the same day as "I'm In A Daze" by Concert and Longtail was. This song is the first instance of Little-Kitty Furball playing the calliope and and it is the only song from the EP besides "Cathouse" in which Kitty does not sing lead vocals whatsoever, although he does supply backup vocals.

Despite never being released as a single, Nickson Road has become one of the band's most popular songs, similarly to "When the Band Plays" and "Whoa".

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