Vital information
Album(s) Lovely Miss Merritt (2004)
Released  ?
Recorded January 14-18, 2003
Lyricist Kitty Concert
Pawprint Elec
Length 3:00
KC# 180
Status Officially released
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"A Warmer Feeling"
Jeez is the tenth and penultimate track on The Kitty Concert's debut album, Lovely Miss Merritt from 2004. The song is sung by Kitty Concert and written by Concert and Pawprint Elec, and flows into the eleventh and final track, "Whoa". It is recognized as a fan-favorite and it features heavy usage of the xylophone from Elec, as well as glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba, and a tubaphone. 



Overview Edit

"Jeez" is the penultimate track on the standard edition of the Kitty Concert's debut album, "Lovely Miss Merritt", and flows into the album's final track, the similarly titled "Whoa" that first appeared on the 4,068 Water Balloons Gently Adrift EP. "Jeez" is a poppy song with some impressive guitar licks from Zimmer and Macko and boogie-style piano from Paulden and Longtail. Looney Lion plays bongos alongside his standard drum kit while Little-Kitty Furball adds prominent backup vocals to the chorus as well as assorted auxillary percussion such as the triangle. Pawprint Elec plays a kit which consists of the xylophone, the glockenspiel, the vibraphone, the marimba, and the tubaphone, which he invented and calls the "Elecphone". The Elecphone mixed with the boogie piano creates for a sugary sensation which somewhat contrasts with "Whoa". 

"Jeez" is the eleventh most-played song by the Kity Concert live with an estimated 443 plays. This makes "Jeez" the highest played of seven non-singles in the top 20, alongside "Suppertime" at 12, "Unprotected Sex" at 14, "If" at 15, "Cathouse" at 16, "Velvet" at 17, and "Window Shopping" at 18. "Jeez" and "Whoa" were nearly released as a split single for the album plans for this fell through. 

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