Blanketed by You
Vital information
Album(s) What a Shame
Recorded July-August 2004
December 11, 2005 (album version)
Lyricist Kitty Concert and Little-Kitty Furball
Length 3:16
KC# 236
Status Officially released
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"There It Goes"

Blanketed by You is a song written in June 2004 by Kitty Concert and Little-Kitty Furball on the third album released by The Kitty Concert in 2006, What a Shame. It was originally written for Lovely Miss Merritt. Ai-Ai Paulden learned to play the celeste for the song. 



Overview Edit

Kitty Concert said of the song in November of 2006, "I had this idea for a song where it was, like, 'Something by You'. I'd written a melody but I was struggling to fill in the blank. I'd played with 'Nurtured by You', 'Smothered by You', but I needed three syllables. Dee came to the studio with a blanket on one day that was negatve degrees Fahrenheit and it was like a lightbulb popped in Little-Kitty's head. She immediately suggested 'Blanketed by You', and since I now had that written, I was ready to progress to the verses, and enlisted her to help." During this time, Concert, as well as the rest of the band, had been listening to many '50s rock records, primarily Buddy Holly, and Concert has said that this album is inspired by his song, "Everyday". The song pays homage to Holly with the "a-hey-hey" at the end of each chorus and Ai-Ai Paulden plays the celeste, a small keyboard instrument which is played in "Everyday". Looney Lion was also inspired by Holly's song, "Peggy Sue Got Married" when he wrote the sequel to "Banana Smoothie" called "She's Put It Behind Her", featured on the deluxe edition of Granted.

In April of 2011, Ai-Ai Paulden remarked that it was one of his favorite songs the band has ever written. "It's just such a saccharine, feel-good song, and the celeste is a beautiful-sounding instrument", he said. "Blanketed by You" is, along with "Wonderful Morning" and "Suppertime", one of the few upbeat songs on What a Shame, as many of the songs are very negative and hopeless. 

Lyrics Edit

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