Bing Crosby
Vital information
Album(s) None
Released Leaked June 2, 2010
Recorded June 4-12, 2005
Lyricist Kitty Concert
Bush Longtail
Length Longtail orchestra demo: 3:42
Concert demo: 3:04
Longtail piano: 3:10
Concert acoustic: 3:01
KC# 347
Status Demos circulating
The Kitty Concert song chronology
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"On a Thursday"
"She Will Be with Me"
Bing Crosby is a song in the Afterglow period written by Kitty Concert and Bush Longtail, the last of these songs renowned for their creative genius. Four demos of the song exist online: one sung by Longtail with orchestration, a full-band version sung by Concert, a piano piece version sung by Longtail, and an acoustic demo sung by Concert, the last of which was leaked by Concert on October 23, 2015 to promote the upcoming album, "Caterpillar". 


Orchestra versionEdit

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